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Class Act 2 Grass Seed

Class Act 2 Grass Seed

One of the older “proven” lawn grass varieties with a attractive green, coarse texture. K-31 remains popular still because of it’s lower price and good overall usage qualities. It is considered drought resistant, is easy to establish, wears well and is more heat tolerant than other Tall Fescue varieties. This tall fescue grass variety is ideal for average lawn and turf use. Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue seed conforms to the strictest standards of quality, easily meeting all state and federal regulations as well as the most discerning customer’s expectations. (95 pure seed/85% germination)

  • Days to Germination - 14-21
  • Seeding Rate per 1000sq ft - 5-10lb
  • Drought Resistance - Good
  • Heat Hardiness - Good
  • Texture - Course
  • General Utility - Good
  • For Shaded Areas - Fair
  • For Heavy Wear - Good
  • For Quick Cover - Fair
  • For Slopes & Terraces - Good
  • For General Desirability - Poor
  • Maintenance & Fertility - Low
  • Straight Seed or Mixed - Straight


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